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SEO Explained

What is SEO ?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving your website’s rankings in the Search Engine’s Results Pages (SERPS), and for the UK that means Google as it has an 86% market share.


Why have SEO ?

By ranking your site above competitor websites, you achieve a significantly higher market share of the web traffic. The top 3 positions on Google typically gets over 60% of clicks, and if you’re not ranking on page 1 at all you’re very likely to achieve zero traffic for that search term.


How do Search Engines rank sites?

It’s often quoted that Google uses over 200 ranking factors, but the most important factors are keyword relevancy, trustworthiness, & ease of use. So that means clearly telling Google what is it that you offer, which locations you cover, that you are a legitimate business, and that visitors can find what they’re looking for within a click or two (without having to wait more than a second or two for the page to load).


Is my site good enough to generate business ?

People searching on Google are looking for a solution whether that’s a product, a service, or information. So as long as your site loads quickly, is easy to navigate, matches the need of users and you can also prove you’re a trustworthy business, then that’s often enough to generate an enquiry or sale (providing prices are competitive).

Whilst website fine tuning is ideal, and necessary if you’re in a very competitive marketplace, the most important part of a website’s success is getting found.


How does an SEO Agency help ?

A good SEO agency will address the weaknesses of a website by ensuring both the visible page content and the SEO (meta) code are relevant to your product or service. There’s no substitute for relevancy – if you don’t tell Google what you offer and which locations you work in how can it possibly know and rank you as a good match to the search engine query ?


They will also work on trust (back linking with consistent data in your listings) and help/advise re the user experience e.g. changes to the site’s navigation and page speed loading times which if poor can affect how efficiently it engages with and converts visitors.


The above is an over simplification, there is a huge amount more involved in providing a good SEO service there’s typically a very large list with on-going tasks to work on to help rank your site as highly as possible on page 1. Monitoring traffic, rankings and being adaptable to frequent algorithm updates also help to ensure a website is generating business continually.


If you’re looking for a professional SEO agency in London, do get in touch – we’ve a proven track record, 5 star reviews, affordable prices and provide 7 days a week support.

SEO Explained