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Use a UTM for your Google Business Map Listing

The best way to monitor your Google Business Maps traffic versus your regular organic traffic is to use a “UTM” (Urchin Tracking Module). This will allow you to see in Google analytics which traffic is coming from your Business Maps listing and which is coming from your organic listings. You can then also use Google Console keyword data to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.


To set up a UTM, you will need to create a separate campaign for your Business Maps traffic. You can do this in Google Analytics by going to the ‘Campaigns’ tab and clicking ‘+ New Campaign.’ Then, fill out the campaign information and select ‘Google Maps’ as the source. Once you’ve created the campaign, you can then add a UTM to your Business Maps listing URL.


Using a UTM creator you can swap your regular url in your Google Business Listing to your augmented link.

  UTM Example 2023  

Monitoring your traffic in this way will help you better understand how people are finding your business, and also gain valuable search volume potential for certain search phrases, which allows you to fine tune your SEO keyword list.

Use a UTM for your Google Business Map Listing