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Once again we’ve taken over from a previous SEO company who’ve spent the last 6 months seemingly happy to show their client that traffic is marginally better than it was when they started, and whilst remaining on pages 3 to 4 for all of their targeted keywords.


Unsurprisingly 95% of said client’s traffic was for their company or staff names ! Seriously what is the point ?


If your SEO agency isn’t putting you on page 1 of Google for search terms which include your service or products, then you’re wasting time and money. People searching for your company name obviously already know of you – yet we see this traffic referred to by marketing agencies as “brand searches” – like they’ve achieved something ! By all means promoting events or sales can act as a call to action – but the idea that someone would Google your company name – because they’ve already heard about you and then not click is crazy.


Needless to say this particular site was in a terrible state SEO-wise and we’ve only had 1 week working on it. Nonetheless with  some basic initial work we’ve already managed to place our new, now very happy, client on page 1 for one of their main targeted keyword phrases. Which will be a lot more useful for attracting new clients !


Our advice is to ask your SEO provider for more than just an overall traffic report – get some detail. Are they new visitors ? Are they from your target country ? Which are the pages bringing them in ? And most importantly, which are the main keywords creating the clicks ?


If you’re looking for a transparent, realistic and professional SEO agency then do get in touch – we love helping businesses grow !

Useful SEO