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Top Social Media Accounts for SEO

We have to admit it, and this is having worked for hundreds of clients in a vast number of different business sectors, that typically we find real “buyers” come via Google.


Social media is great for bringing in a high volume of visitors but the quality in terms of engagement is usually really poor. I think it’s mostly because social media is typically used as a way of entertaining yourself, browsing for cute animals, gossip, aspirational life styles, inspirational stories, etc. served up by an algorithm designed to match and or agree with your search history and disposition. It’s undeniably great for brand awareness – and the odd sale and we fully appreciate “Influencers” can bring a different element to sales too.


But nothing beats a potential customer or client searching on Google with the specific intent of finding what your company offers. They’re actively looking for you. So if they’re truly serious and you’re on page 1 – you have a potential “sale” on your hands.


Speaking of being on page 1, you’ll need SEO – a combination of an attractive website, search-engine friendly code and some backlinks.

That’s where social media really plays its part – what better way to build up authority with legitimate back links than your favourite social media platforms ? You’ve little chance of suffering a Google penalty from your own social media posts and profile links.


It’s the gift that keeps on giving – more links, more live signals and extra traffic all keep Google happy. And keeping Google happy means a good chance of being on page 1 in the search results where all the good traffic “happens”. So use social media – but do it for the right reasons – staying on page 1 !


No real surprises here – but do make sure you use them all and often !


Top 5 Social Media Profiles you really should have.






Top Social Media Accounts for SEO