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Squarespace SEO

This time last year we had an enquiry from an Audio Visual expert who wanted a website and to be on page 1 for “AV Hire London”. We were unable to help re the site build as we’ve become too busy with SEO to offer web design services for the last few years.


So we offered a couple of recommendations for WordPress developers, but also explained that if they preferred to get a site up and running quickly, and cheaply, that Squarespace allows business owners to build basic websites themselves with “drag and drop”, no need for any coding knowledge, and which easily look good enough for most small business owners.


Eight weeks later Damian of DAR Events came back to us with a website he’d built himself in Squarespace, and within 3 months we had him ranking on page 1 for “AV Hire London” (he’s now usually number 1).


Squarespace sites usually look professional enough to present a service based business and for a company like Rapid SEO to optimise quite thoroughly. Admittedly eCommerce isn’t great on Squarespace, it looks ok, but the SEO is limited for products and collections when compared to a WooCommerce WordPress or Shopify website.


So if you’d prefer not to wait several months to have a web designer build you a site (plus save a lot of money) creating your own using Squarespace is a good option. It does take time, but also by building your own website, you’ll learn how to make changes easily which is useful as your business grows, rather than having to ask a web designer to do it for you. And Squarespace offers SEOs enough “under the hood” options to be able to optimise you onto page 1 of Google.


We’ve placed a number of Squarespace sites on page 1 of Google in the last few years, from lawyers to kids party planners, and personal trainers to architects – it’s always a good straightforward and fit for purpose web building platform.

Squarespace SEO