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Google Broken Again

After 6 months of problems with force crawling – Google has now indefinitely suspended the facility. So combined with its on-going issues of not crawling pages, de-indexing millions of urls, erratic results for the last 4 weeks, Google’s systems are probably in the worst state I’ve seen in the last 10 years.


And don’t get me started on Google Business listings being suspended for “suspicious activity” if you dare to accept their suggested updates ! In a year when SMEs are desperate to grab every opportunity and also switch to a more online focus it’s a real kick in the teeth to be met with broken and suspended systems & with virtually no decent support.

Onsite SEO Is 80% Of The Battle


Another new client needing proper SEO after wasting months with another agency ! We’ve just started work on a new eCommerce website who’ve been using one of our competitors without success for several months. Yet again we expect to be making a massive difference to the website’s rankings, visibility and traffic in the first month, because the site is riddled with errors and oversight. I genuinely don’t know whether half of the SEO services out there either don’t know …


1. how to code.

2. how to set up Yoast for WordPress sites.

3. that onsite code is about 80% of the battle when ranking well.


Or worse than that, they’re too lazy to do so and simply think building 20 Pinterest backlinks or creating the odd pointless blog post is enough to justify their fee.

FAQ Schema – Shout a little louder !

FAQ Schema on Home Page

FAQ schema helps your pages stand out on Google.


To most in the know that’s not new – although it’s severely under-used by SEO companies.

However the real beauty (which is supposed to a bug) is it’s also currently working for home pages. Google never shows JSON schema of any type for home pages, however we’ve had this showing now for 3 weeks for many of our clients, plus our own site. So bug or otherwise – make the most of it !


FAQ schema can help very slightly with rankings, but it’s most noticeable positive is it helps with CTR (Click Through Rate) as the larger your listing in the SERPS, the more likely you are to attract the click. Here’s a quick example for one of our clients, making – and it definitely works !

Google Console URL Submission Starting to Work Again


Google Console URL Submission is starting to work again.


One of our favourite tools “force crawling” hasn’t been working properly for the last 3 months – basically since the UK lockdown. We use this tool to get Google to read new or updated pages within a day or two very reliably but this been almost impossible since end March.


This meant we’ve not been able to help clients pivot from local SEO to more online services eg Therapy, Kids Parties, Fitness, Clothes etc as quickly as we’d have liked. But we got there in the end !


But we’re pleased to report that for most sites now the service is working more often than not – so we’re almost up to full speed indexing important changes to help our SEO clients rank above their competitors on Google.

Google My Business Restaurant Options

Google My Business Restaurant ListingsWhilst Google is rolling out its quarterly core update we’ve noticed that they’ve also been busy with the GMB interface for restaurants with useful ticks and crosses for available services. Thanks to COVID-19 all main restaurants are marked as unavailable for “dine-in” – but you can see how this will be helpful when lockdown is lifted in the UK. Very pleased to see our client Otto’s is top of the pack for “French Restaurant London” too !

Google Reviews Return April 2020

google my business reviewsGoogle Reviews (for Google My Business listings) in the UK are back.


On March 20th, Google shut down all new reviews to stop negative and unfair consequences caused by the extreme circumstances caused by Coronavirus. But the great news is Google has announced reviews are now available.


Google My Business has stated that new user reviews, photos, short names, and Q&A will gradually return by country and industry.


Google Console URL Submission Not Working

SEO force crawlOne of our favourite tools “force crawling” hasn’t been working for over 2 weeks now.


Rather than wait for Google to index new pages or to re-read an updated page we often use the URL submission tool found in Google Console, which allows us to see pages’ content updated in the index within 24-48 hours.


As usual the SEO work we’re doing does work once read but waiting up to 2 weeks for this to happen really is “snail’s pace”.

SEO London 2020

SEO London 2020

Rapid SEO London offer organic SEO, employing the latest techniques for Search Engine Optimisation in 2020 to help keep our clients ahead of their competition in London & UK.


If you’d like us to take a look at your website – we’ll happily send over an SEO report, a brief overview of how we can help and a no obligation quote – all for free !

Google BERT 2019 Update – 1 in 10 !

BERT Google Update

BERT improves the handling of “context” in keywords searches. In other words it allows Google to better understand and interpret search queries. Naturally this will affect both rankings and also featured snippets.


The BERT will be used on 1 in 10 searches & Google says it is so complex it’s running at the absolute limit of its hardware. Hence the 10% limitation. So what does Google’s BERT update mean for SEO companies and website owners?

Top Social Media Accounts for SEO

Social Media SEO

We usually find real “buyers” come via Google. Social media brings low quality traffic, “Browsers” rather than “Buyers”, but it’s useful for SEO as a great way to increase backlinks.


Social media is great for bringing in a high volume of visitors but the quality in terms of engagement is usually really poor. I think it’s mostly because social media is typically used as a way of entertaining yourself, browsing for cute animals, gossip, aspirational life styles, inspirational stories, etc. served up by an algorithm designed to match and or agree with your search history and disposition.