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Google’s “Page Experience” Update

Google’s “Page Experience” Update looks like an intensified focus on the page’s content (often referred to as “Content is King” by marketing types).

Google’s July 2021 update is complete

Google’s huge July 2021 update has finished rolling out. Google said the July 2021 core update started on July 1st & completed on 12th. If your website’s rankings have been affected, then drop us a line – we may be able to help you get climbing back up in just a few weeks.

Google Page Experience Update

Part 2 of Google’s big Summer 2021 update focusing on “Page Experience” is due to begin in July / August.

Shopify SEO Agency London

If you want to get on page 1 of the search results and attract targeted visitors you need our expert SEO agency in London. Rapid SEO London provides eCommerce Shopify SEO for online stores in the UK from £695 + VAT per month and Internationally from £995 + VAT.

Content Creation For The Sake Of It

Potential new clients often ask how many blog posts, or new pages, we create per month and our standard answer is “None”. Whilst large sites with hundreds of pages can rank better than a site of say one or just a few pages, a small site with a targeted approach can still outrank a larger site quite easily.

Useful SEO

Once again we’ve taken over from a previous SEO company who’ve spent the last 6 months seemingly happy to show their client that traffic is marginally better than it was when they started, and whilst remaining on pages 3 to 4 for all of their targeted keywords. Unsurprisingly 95% of said client’s traffic was for their company or staff names ! Seriously what’s the point ?


Spring 2021

Spring is definitely in the air ! March was a record month for new clients signing up. We also had a number of existing clients expanding their services and locations, revamping their websites and 3 eCommerce business owners now looking to expand beyond the UK to target international markets. Great to see the optimism with the UK opening up for business, the COVID situation continuing to improve and warmer weather on the way to compliment our longer Vernal Equinox evenings.

Post Lockdown SEO

After Boris announced his “Roadmap” to lift Google from its 3rd Lockdown we’ve seen an increase in new enquiries & current clients updating their sites in preparation.

SEO 2021

It often takes clients 3 months to see the benefit from our intensive organic SEO services. So for businesses planning for a successful to next year, don’t delay any longer. Our SEO London packages start from £495 + VAT per month and we’ve plenty of websites on page 1 on Google to prove we get prettifying great results. Contact us today for a free SEO Audit & a quote if you’d like one.

Google Broken Again

After 6 months of problems with force crawling – Google has now indefinitely suspended the facility. So combined with its on-going issues of not crawling pages, de-indexing millions of urls, erratic results for the last 4 weeks, Google’s systems are probably in the worst state I’ve seen in the last 10 years.


And don’t get me started on Google Business listings being suspended for “suspicious activity” if you dare to accept their suggested updates ! In a year when SMEs are desperate to grab every opportunity and also switch to a more online focus it’s a real kick in the teeth to be met with broken and suspended systems & with virtually no decent support.