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Predictions for SEO in 2023

It’s hard to believe that we’re coming to the end of 2022. The past year has flown by, and what a wild ride for the economy ! Plus we’ve had quite a few large updates from Google too. So whilst we can’t predict the overall picture for UK businesses in 2023, nor do we know Google’s plans for the next 12 months, we can be sure that the main fundamentals which help our clients’ websites rank on page 1, will be pretty consistent.


Whilst Google often shifts the goalposts in terms of demoting or rewarding sites’ positions in the search results – the main core principles remain the same.


1. An informative site that eloquently and plainly answers the searcher’s question, or provides the service / product they’re looking for.


2. A fast loading web page so if the viewer is using a mobile, these days more than likely, they can read the content in a matter of seconds.


3. All SEO code matches or corresponds closely with the onsite content.


4. Pages are all current – and ideally updated frequently.


5. Referring back links are legitimate and match the website’s message / company information.


Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list but it’s essentially what Google is looking to be able to provide high quality search results. Which is relevant, fast loading websites from legitimate businesses with something unique to say.


Rapid SEO London always focusses on the long term for our clients and consistency, attention to detail, combined with white hat SEO tactics and a superb 7 day a week service, means a great return on their investment whilst using our services.

Predictions for SEO in 2023