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Onsite SEO Is 80% Of The Battle

Another new client needing proper SEO after wasting months with another agency ! We’ve just started work on a new eCommerce website who’ve been using one of our competitors without success for several months. Yet again we expect to be making a massive difference to the website’s rankings, visibility and traffic in the first month, because the site is riddled with errors and oversight. I genuinely don’t know whether half of the SEO services out there either don’t know …


1. how to code.

2. how to set up Yoast for WordPress sites.

3. that onsite SEO code is about 80% of the battle when ranking well.


Or worse than that, they’re too lazy to do so and simply think building 20 Pinterest backlinks or creating the odd pointless blog post is enough to justify their fee.


It makes our SEO company look both very affordable and our results in comparison incredible – but I do feel very sorry for the clients who’ve wasted so much time and money before coming to us. If you’d like a direct approach to SEO and at probably much cheaper rates than you’ve been paying visit us here at https://rapidseo.london/

Onsite SEO Is 80% Of The Battle