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Expert Magento SEO in London & the UK


If you want to get on page 1 of the search results and attract targeted visitors, you need an expert Magento SEO agency in London. Rapid SEO London provides eCommerce Magento SEO for online stores in the UK from £795 + VAT per month and Internationally from £995 + VAT.


Does your Magento store need more buyers ?


As an existing Magento store owner you’ve already spent a great deal of time, and of course money, with a Magento web designer to create your online store. But you’re also very aware without targeted SEO the chances getting found on Google for anything, other than your own company name, are very low.


eCommerce SEO using Magento


Fortunately, we have a great track record with all the major eCommerce website platforms including Magento. And we have found, without exception, Magento webstore owners gain most sales from Google organic visitors. Social media is great for driving traffic, but really poor for generating revenue as too many are just browsers, happy to look at content, rather than actively searching online for your products.


Google Ads for Magento Stores


Similarly Google ads can become expensive, extremely quickly, and as most commerce stores are in a race to the bottom to produce “cheap” rather than “quality”, you may find most of your visitors from a PPC campaign aren’t your target audience. Plus you are typically competing with huge companies and they’re equally sizeable marketing budgets.


Organic Magento SEO is able to generate highly-targeted traffic to your online store and you’re not paying for individual clicks, so it becomes a great deal more affordable to sustain. So drop us a line and we’ll tell you how we can specifically promote your Magento website.

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