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Google’s “Page Experience” Update

Google’s “Page Experience” Update looks like an intensified focus on the page’s content (often referred to as “Content is King” by marketing types). As often with Google “experts” seem to delight in overcomplicating issues, and simply repeating what they hear in online forums.

The fact that Google has switched to showing pages’ content headings for a large number of sites in the SERPS ignoring the browser title set, and similarly so ignoring the meta description far more than it used to replacing it often with broken up content from the pages’ visible text, indicates to me we’re more than ever looking to play “SNAP!” with Google for keyword queries.

It makes sense as Google is always looking for relevance to the search query and the proof of an appropriate site would be text on the page that matches the keywords searched for. So I appreciate this is an over simplification, but in terms of adapting pro-actively to a Google update, keeping it simple is always a good foundation to build upon.

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Google’s “Page Experience” Update