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Google Desktop Infinite Scroll

Google has begun testing a new feature in the last few months on its desktop search results that allows users to scroll down forever. This is known as infinite scroll and it’s something that’s been available on mobile results for a few years.


The way it works is that when you click on a search result, you will see the next page of results load automatically without having to hit the “next” button or press enter. When you reach the bottom of one page, the same thing happens again: another page loads automatically without any action from you. This continues until you’ve scrolled through all of your results or reach a point where there are no more results to display.


This will certainly be beneficial to websites ranking at the top of page 2, such as positions in the top 11-13 as (ignoring the second set of ads Google interrupts the listings with) they’re almost as equally visible as the top 10 results usually found on page 1.

Google Desktop Infinite Scroll