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Forumbee SEO

We must admit, at Rapid SEO London we’d not previously heard of Forumbee until one of our clients started using it as a secondary website to bring together the legal community – with free NDA templates, plus other legal docs in order to reduce time and save businesses a great deal of money.


Once given access, the back end is sufficient for most of us SEO types to code up and get the site climbing Google quickly.


Is Forumbee Good For SEO ?


A lot the url extensions are weird, and can’t be made SEO friendly, but other than that the only big issue we’d encountered, was the editor blocks code injection.


As our client’s site is an information resource / community, we really wanted to build in JSON Schema such as FAQs, Video information etc.


How Add Schema to Forumbee


We reached out to Forumbee and received a very detailed video walk through of a cool work around using the “Studio” which now allows us to add the Schema code on a page by page basis.


So here’s a quick “how to” for adding JSON schema to a Forumbee page.


The first step is to locate the page that you’re working with and then create your JSON schema code.


To add this schema, you’re going to be using Forumbee Studio as for security reasons it can’t be added via the usual HTML source code editor because it’s contained within a script tag which are not supported within the topic editor.


So go into the Forumbee Admin Console and select “Studio” where you will see at the top of your list the JSON schema folder.


Expand that section and select the “0-instructions” droplet. It’s important to select this droplet first, because when you add your new droplet, it ensures that it’s added into the correct folder.


To create your entry click on New. Then enter a reference name eg the specific Page Title you’re looking to target.


Next leave the “role” as guest and below that add for URL path, the topic page url, (without the domain name) ie – t/the-remainder-of the-url and select “Starts With”


Choose the “Page Element Location”, for which you’ll need use “Head” and also choose the “Bottom” location.


Then add your JSON schema code as an HTML element and click Publish.


Obviously you can see it’s been added successfully by looking at the source code of the relevant page and test it using the Schema markup validator.


Big thanks to Alexia Moore at Forumbee – we’re so impressed with your help !

Forumbee SEO