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FAQ Keyword Research

I found a clever, short and sweet, way to research FAQ search terms using Google Console data on LinkedIn. I’ve expanded upon this to show how it can help both rankings and click through rate.


Firstly get your ideas by logging into Google Search Console and choose your website, then


1. Click “+ New” and choose “Query”

2. Choose “Regex” from the dropdown list

3.  Input ^(who|what|where|when|why|how)[” “]


This brings up keyword data containing phrases such as “how”, “what” etc which your site has ranked for (even as low as position 200). If you then click “Page” you can then click into 1 page at a time to find out which specific page is creating each term.


You can then improve your rankings for these FAQ terms by answering the queries on that page’s text. It will most likely also help your overall rankings for the “real” main terms you actually target.


For example one of our clients ranks on page 1 for various “Bug Sweeping” terms, but we’ve also enhanced the listing’s Click Through Rate by adding FAQ schema – because the FAQ schema code creates this larger listing in the search results.


FAQ Schema If you’d like to use advanced SEO to help your website rank higher and stand out more then get a free quote from Rapid SEO London today.
FAQ Keyword Research