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Digital Marketing London

Digital marketing is basically online advertising and many agencies in London have different approaches. Choosing the best digital marketing agency in London to suit your specific needs is vital for you to achieve a return on your investment. Rapid SEO London have a very direct & in-bound approach to digital marketing which makes us cost effective with prices from £495 + VAT per month. Simply put, we target the most competitive, relevant, and realistic keyword search terms and rank clients’ websites as highly as possible on Google.


Digital Marketing London

This increases relevant online traffic to your website and in turn more business for your company whether that’s sales, bookings, enquiries or sign-ups. But we’re not a good fit for everyone as we don’t offer PR e.g “brand awareness”, so if you’re looking to create an industry buzz and want your company name on everyone’s lips we’re not going to be the agency for you.


We focus purely on Google traffic and although we’ve been asked for our help when our clients’ Social Media Manager isn’t producing the expected or promised results, this is not our field of expertise.


The engagement and sales we see in Google Analytics tells the same story for every client we’ve ever worked with, which is that Google visitors far out perform any results they see on Social Media. So while socials can drive high volumes of traffic to your website the quality is poor, so if you want to see consistent engagement and sales, then mastering Google is still the key.


Digital Marketing Agency in London

We’re a small online agency based in London and we only focus on channels that we believe will help our clients, which is very important to us as we provide a bespoke and personal digital marketing service for all of our equally unique clients. So to ensure we keep you happy, we need to make a difference.


Targeted Digital Advertising

Our keyword driven, search engine only approach is also very realistic, for example we placed a client in the top 3 of Google’s SERPS for “White Gowns” because “White Dresses” was way too competitive – it has 1/10th of the search volume, but a) we’re competing with the biggest ecommerce stores in the world, so don’t stand a chance b) “Gowns” attracts a few hundred clicks per month and a customer with a typically higher budget than someone looking to spend £10 on fast fashion. A great example of quality over quantity.


So we only take on clients who have realistic expectations from their digital marketing advertising budget.

We also adapt our approach using Google Console’s keyword data – there may be less obvious terms, long tail opportunities, or just extra blog post traffic about a subject offering information (and showing your expertise) on a specific topic closely related to that which you sell or provide as a service.


We have a client ranking at the top of page 1 for “Plumber South London”, but we’ve also been able to bring in an extra 3,000 visitors per month via a blog post we noticed was achieving lots of appearances on Google, but on page 2 about clearing air locks in central heating systems. So we optimised that web page, and traffic shot up. Obviously this doesn’t necessarily mean more enquiries, but the more relevant traffic a site receives the more important it appears to be to Google and overall site rankings naturally improve.


Similarly we’ve undertaken clients’ keyword lists and found even when we’re top 3 in the search results the business doesn’t follow. This can happen because the search term is so generic eg “wardrobes” or “solicitor” that the viewer may not be interested in your price point, specific service or location, or it can bring in a huge amount of enquiries, but they’re not the “right” type of customer.


So again we adapt our online strategy until we find the right balance between volume and suitability of visitor.


In Bound Digital Marketing

Our overall approach to digital marketing is in-bound and proactive. We love in-bound because it means our clients aren’t chasing the business it comes to them via calls, emails, sign-ups & sales. And all we need is a little feedback from clients when we send our monthly reports to say whether they’ve had a great month or been quiet for us to better refine our focus. We are listed in’s Greater London SEO Listings


One can only tell so much from Google Analytics, so a 100% increase in traffic doesn’t guarantee a dramatic rise in business levels – and even with eCommerce an increase in sales isn’t always due to more visitors.


We work as partners with our clients – their feedback builds our relationship and helps us build on their success.

Adam MacHardie – Co Owner


When he’s not busy coding, Adam can be found obsessively checking websites’ positions, researching all things Google and on the rare occasions he can be pried away from his laptop, trying to finally break 40 mins for 10k.

Lisa Greenhouse – Co Owner


Lisa spends her time analysing data, creating awesome reports, managing Google ads, plus looking after clients and the day to day management. She also takes care of communication and jokes that she’s the real reason clients love them.