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AI vs Copywriter for blogging or both ?

Hiring a Copywriter v using AI.


If you are looking for a way to improve your website’s blog posts and general copywriting skills, then you might want to consider using AI – to an extent. The two processes are similar, but different; one is human-written and one is machine-generated.


When used correctly AI can help you write better by:

  • automating repetitive tasks and freeing up your time to focus on things that matter most.

  • increasing the quality of content produced, resulting in higher engagement rates from your readership or potential customers.

  • reducing errors in typos, spelling and grammar which increases the credibility of your writing as well as reducing frustration for customers reading it (which means more sales!).


Using a copywriter.


You can use AI to write your copy, but it should be a better quality if written by a professional copywriter. However you probably ending paying a few hundred pounds per month for the service – and in terms of driving enquiries to your site a lot of blog posts bring in little value directly. But if you’re more old-fashioned you may prefer to use professional writer who knows how to create compelling copy.


AI can and will improve.


You can help your AI writers by teaching them to write like a human. AI is a tool, not a person. It’s not capable of thinking or feeling; it simply follows instructions given to it as if it were a machine. AI isn’t human: Not even close! But it’s accurate, and can be fit for purpose if your main goal is to expand the number of relevant pages on your website.


The two processes are similar, but different


Copywriting is a human process. AI, on the other hand, is a machine process with both similarities and differences:

  • Both can help you write better and faster—AI will help you optimise your writing to make it more effective and efficient for the reader.

  • Both can improve accuracy—AI will correct grammar errors so that they don’t stand out as much in the reader’s mind (and it’ll also tell you when something isn’t grammatically correct).

  • But while AI doesn’t need to be creative like humans do (and doesn’t have to think like them), it does have access to vast amounts of data and massive computing power learnt from the best existing copy on the internet.

  • Both processes are similar in that they involve writing content for websites, blogs or social media pages, one is much faster and a lot cheaper !

  • AI can help you write better than you could on your own, especially if you’ve writer’s block. It does this by using data to learn about human tastes, preferences and behaviours; then it creates content based on that information.


It’s a personal choice.


So in summary these are two very different ways of tackling the need for sites to keep Google happy by creating more pages on a regular basis as a “fresh content” indicator. And it’s a very personal choice.

AI vs Copywriter for blogging or both ?