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Content Creation For The Sake Of It

Potential new clients often ask how many blog posts, or new pages, we create per month and our standard answer is “None”. Whilst large sites with hundreds of pages can rank better than a site of say one or just a few pages, a small site with a targeted approach can still outrank a larger site quite easily.


And a site which hasn’t been optimised properly, but has just had hundreds of pointless area pages (often targeting areas with zero traffic), or blog posts saying “10 interesting things about …”, “how much does xxx cost?” will never rank well for your main service or product keywords.


This is simply because whilst Google may judge your overall site on it’s “authority” – it treats individual pages like micro-sites, ranking each page on its own merit. Your most important pages won’t rank well because you backed them up by writing 10 other blog posts all targeting the same term.


Tons of area pages will have very little traffic and leave you wide open to a Google penalty.


Blog posts targeting your main keywords can sometimes outrank your main product or services pages, and blog posts are terrible for converting visitors, as by their very nature, they’re just editorial content to demonstrate your knowledge – but not “ask for the business”.


So if you’ve something informative / different to say on-message with your brand / website, then draft out a blog post, and ask your SEO to optimise it.


But don’t waste time or money just because you think you should be blogging – just because. Instead work on your main pages, get everything you possibly can from them. Focus on giving Google and Visitors what they want – a relevant page !


If you’d like to try some targeted, white-hat SEO and see the results we achieve in a short space of time using a direct approach drop us a line.

Content Creation For The Sake Of It