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Competitor Keyword Research

A Basic “How To” For Small Website Competitor Keyword Research


1. You’ll have a pretty good idea of who your customers are and what they typed in to Google to find you. Read through your relevant web page to make sure you mention these words and phrases in your text.


2. Take a look at your competitors’ websites. How many times do they use those keywords ? Is it spammy? Do you need to match their keyword density or dial it down? By experimenting you can find the best balance between writing for the search engines and your human visitors.


3. Look at your competitor’s traffic. How much traffic do they get? What is the expected search volume?


4. Compare your website to each competitor’s. What do you have that they don’t or vice-versa? e.g. videos, more images, information, headings, maps, faqs, calls-to-action etc.


5. Be consistent and diarise changes every week to improve your website based on what you’ve learned from your research, keep experimenting and monitoring.

Competitor Keyword Research