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The Basics Matter & Mostly It’s Just Common Sense

It’s always great to start working for new clients. But the last week in particular has hi-lighted some classic issues which have been holding back these poor business owners until they came to us. Whilst we can help improve rankings via code and we always point out issues with sites we notice as a user to help rankings and engagement – a lot of other SEO companies are quite frankly lazy, or just don’t care.


So for those who don’t enjoy our comprehensive SEO service, here are a few tips for website owners who understandably may not know much about coding or SEO – but can’t afford to rely on web designers and digital marketers to have their back.


Read Your Website

Check your text makes sense and read it aloud – often SEO companies think if they mention keywords 3-4 times per sentence then you’ll be on page 1 in no time. Google punishes spammy text, and it looks terrible if visitors read it. And check your images are showing too – you’d be amazed how many times we take on a new client with content missing.


Area Pages

If you do need to build lots of area pages to individual target locations eg Beckenham, Bromley, Croydon, etc – again check these pages, typically you’re paying for these webpages to be created and often they’re just lazy copies of each other with the area switched out. Firstly these pages should not be 99% identical as Google will demote the site for producing “light content”. And what we typically see are obvious mistakes eg a Dulwich page with headings for Fulham and then a map embedded of Acton.


Check Contact Forms & Phone Numbers

Contact forms used in WordPress are particularly prone to suddenly stop working. It won’t be your web designer’s fault – updates cause conflicts, and the best person to test the forms is you. Just send yourself a quick contact form enquiry every few days so you can be confident they’re still working. And lastly if you do change your telephone number make sure it’s been updated everywhere – including your Google Business listing. Obviously SEO is pointless if your visitors can’t contact you.


If you’re looking for a professional SEO agency in London, do get in touch – we’ve a proven track record, 5 star reviews, affordable prices and provide 7 days a week support.

Common Sense SEO