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How To Add Managers to Google Business 2023

A quick guide on how to add owners and managers to Google Business Map Listings in 2023, using their new interface.


Can’t say we’re big fans of Google’s decision to move away from the traditional dashboard to manage Business Map listings – but it’s been a few months now and they’re sticking with us having to edit all the information in the live search results.


As it’s not immediately apparent here’s a quick walk through if you need to add another account user.


Obviously you’ll need to be logged in to your Google account, then Google your company name. You should be then greeted with your company listing.

  add managers google business listing 2023  

Then click on the 3 vertical dots and choose “Business Profile settings”.

edit managers google business 2023

Then click “Managers” – Add, edit and remove profile managers. From their you’re prompted to add, remove or update permission levels as you see fit.

How To Add Managers to Google Business 2023