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Rapid SEO London was founded in 2010 by us, Adam and Lisa, because we found there to be a complete lack of reliable web designers & SEO companies who actually wanted to help their clients, rather than just take their money.


Our story goes back to 2006 when we set up our first company which was pet related. To launch it our mission was to find one company that could create a custom website, understand our business, build in decent, white hat SEO (search engine optimisation), arrange web hosting, get quick updates & offer some friendly one-to-one advice along the way. This appeared in theory not only incredibly expensive, but also impossible to find “under one roof”. In fact, most web designers and digital marketing companies didn’t even bother to return our calls. Sound familiar?


So we had no choice but to create everything from scratch. Turning our love of research and all things “tech” we built our own website, researching SEO and within just a few months we were making a profit and climbing Google fast.


Having learnt everything from the ground up and realising we not only love web design and SEO but that we also have a real passion for helping others to grow their business, we set out to create an all-in-one solution that offered everything we looked for ourselves. And so Rapid SEO was born.


In 2017 we became so busy with our SEO service that we had to stop web design altogether, but we do have preferred web designers who we’d be happy to recommend if you need a new site. So we’re in a fairly unique position of learning most aspects of digital marketing – what works, what doesn’t, and over the past 12 years we’ve helped everyone from established businesses to new start-ups get on to Page 1 of Google and stay there. So now we focus purely on search engine optimisation & also Google Adwords when clients wish to bolster their online presence.


Customers not only love our amazing results and fast updates, they love our 7 day a week service with quick replies and our honest, straight forward and experienced advice.

Adam MacHardie – Co Owner


When he’s not busy coding, Adam can be found obsessively checking websites’ positions, researching all things Google and on the rare occasions he can be pried away from his laptop, trying to finally break 40 mins for 10k.

Lisa Greenhouse – Co Owner


Lisa spends her time analysing data, creating awesome reports, managing Google ads, plus looking after clients and the day to day management. She also takes care of communication and jokes that she’s the real reason clients love them.